Where the Boss Lady goes,………………the Celebrities go….. one of the first to arrive was the Black Anna Wintour, Sofia Davis, she says “I am so PROUD of this young lady, she has created an KINGDOM of Luxury and this is only the beginning”, gliding in was SuperModel Duchess, dressed to the nines in a black 2 piece suite topped with a virgin white collared blouse (she went live on Facebook), Runway News Executive, Joe Clarke conducted interviews, Editorial Photographer Paul Walker and Getty Photographer Andrew Wright snapped photos, Cover Model Karen Fields-Spooner dropped by in-between busy appointments and Luxury Hand Bag designer, Bobette Eiza made an appearance also. 

The great sensation about the skin care line is, although marketed for women, men were grabbing the product off the shelves.  CEO of Runway News, Joe Clarke, purchased one of the Charcoal Mask, he happily exclaimed “I got mine”.  The flow of people continued all day long into the night, OH, WHAT A NIGHT…………..


Beauty Director, Schanica Pickens and her team handled all incoming customers with her intense knowledge of make up.  One lady had only 20 mins and Beauty Director Schanica worked her magic fingers and the lady left looking amazing.

Celebrity Chef, Henry Marsham delivered Couture Delights, the food was DELICIOUS.  Not only did it taste great, it looked great, you couldn’t decide whether to eat it or look at it.  #FABULOUS

The Boss Lady does not slow down, each time you blink, she has something new coming. 


Keep your eyes open for the next fabulous affair, it’s coming soon

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