Boss Lady

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What words can one use to describe Boss Lady, Wendy Isaac’s Le Coiffeur Style the Runway 2017 fashion extravaganza on West 57th Street, in midtown Manhattan? How about alluring, provocative, and incomparable? And these are just a few words that come to mind. Wendy Issac, celebrated fashionista, accomplished businesswoman, and style maven, could be considered the beautiful eye of a perfect storm. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Adrian Development, Chief Executive Officer of CaribDomain also The Creative Minds Expo, and John Pitt, Fete Link Media, to capture the moments. The whole experience was nothing short of phenomenal. Can you say Boss Lady?

Le Coiffeur Style the Runway 2017

Wendy herself, a force of nature, took her place at the center of what some might imagine a frantic dash to perfection. Not for Wendy. Always beautiful and gracious, it was Wendy’s spirit that permeated the event from beginning to end. She launched her new fragrance, Boss Lady, awarded her colleagues in the fashion industry, presided over a group of exceptional, and might I say multi-talented professionals—designers, designers, photographers, and media giants–and still managed to infuse the event with her own special brand of quiet strength, humility, and flawless style.

Le Coiffeur NYC Style the Runway 2017

From the gorgeous designers, Avadora, Juanita Louis–In-house Le Coiffeur model, Alana Rosa, Chrissy Jackson, to the photographers, Juan Carlos Guevara, Andrew Wri, and Paul Walker, every detail was absolutely amazing. And the designers—Calvin S with his light and airy yellow and apple green collection, Erica Jackson’s High Maintenance Couture, classy and sophisticated pinks—to the amazing red, black, and white I-Collection by Lloyd Crawford, the execution was FLAWLESS.

Le Coiffeur NYC Style the Runway 2017

Then there was the combination of Wendy’s Trouble collection of stunning swimwear partnered with Media giant Sofia Davis’s Haute Bling Couture Sunglasses- elegant, edgy, futuristic glam. Wendy celebrated both Sofia, Editor-in-chief at Fashion Avenue News Magazine, and media partner Joe Clarke, president of, for their accomplishments in fashion media. Henry Marsham, Jr. wowed the crowd with his collection of exotic swimwear, complete with tribal dancing and animal print, totally “Haute” male designers.

Le Coiffeur Style the Runway 2017

We had the pleasure of speaking with the power couple, Quinton Bailey, who hosted the event and Carly, owner of GlitzandGlamour and make-up artist extraordinaire. Not only were they perfectly turned out, gracious and absolutely gorgeous, like Wendy, they like to give back. In fact, several of these beautiful people, superdesigners, designers, and creative minds by day, are superheroes in the eyes of their respective communities where they labor to give back.

(L-R) Sophia Davis, Joe Clarke Le Coiffeur Style the Runway 2017

Surprising, or maybe not so much, was the warmth, and the openness of this entire gorgeous bunch. Wendy herself the epitome of graciousness must be magical in her ability to infuse the atmosphere. We had the opportunity to talk with designers; Angela Greene of KrochetDivaz, Kenya Smith, and Amethyst Richardson of Bermuda; I talked with designers (met and linked up with three gorgeous beauties in the ladies room), petite model–Keanna Bryant, the irrepressible Limuel Hayag Vilela, and the amazingly gorgeous and astonishingly humble Gio Delavicci. Another power duo, Sofia and her partner Allison V. Brown, were amazingly warm and gracious–a delight to connect with and learn from.

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Designers & Designers

What’s next for Wendy? After Le Coiffeur Style the Runway 2017? I would say the sky. The epitome of class, perfection and elegance, yet pure of heart and blessed to be a blessing, Wendy’s celebrity star will with certainty continue to rise. Flawless execution, painstaking perfection and a willingness to share the spotlight with others- Wendy Issac is truly THE. BOSS. LADY.

CaribDomain Author & Sr Editor ~ Connie Spruill, CEO MyGirlfriendzPlace

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  • Posted May 3, 2021
    by THolly

    This lady should not be categorized because she is beyond categories her work is amazing and i absolutely enjoy watching her pieces take over the runways you get exactly what you ask for when you shop or get your closet revamped by the boss lady of Lecoiffeur NYC

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