The Return!

ALL ABOARD, ship ahoy!! Recovering and Recuperation time is over for anyone still dramatically traumatized by the last time Le Coiffeur terrorized the Dumbo spot, leaving anyone who may have underestimated the fashion show in complete awe. Le Coiffeur is back again like we never left and in full effect, ready to serve everyone with a round 2 of the fiasco that was deemed the start of something great in April.

April 23rd, Le coiffeur brought to you a fashion show, dubbed style the runway, this time around we dare to take you on a journey as Le Coiffeur ‘Styles the water’ with a red carpet, elegant Fashion show,

dinner and cruise. This event will be an all-white affair and will be held on an elegant yacht that goes by the name of the Nautical Empress, a name that surely reflects the chic, glamour and style that Le Coiffeur plans to present to everyone in attendance. Now for those of you reading

this who have been to the first fashion show I’m 100% sure that you are fuming with anxiety, anticipating the part two of such an epic event month ago. However, for those that were not as lucky to attend the last one this is your chance to get ‘on board’ and join the Le Coiffeur on what will be an evening of style, flavored by glamorous models and a lineup that will be nothing short of a chic experience. This event scheduled for Sunday August 21st 2016, is definitely one that shouldn’t be missed and can be used as redemption for those who may have missed out on

the first experience. The yacht will commence boarding at 7pm and will be operating on a sailing time of 8pm -11pm. The Nautical empress will be leaving out from pier 36 marina at 299 South Street Seaport in New York City 10002. The celebrity host for this event is none other than the stunning Andrene “Ladydoves” Williams. To be aboard such a fabulous yacht for dinner and a spectacular fashion show, you may be opening your wallets or looking at bank statements contemplating and assuming that it may cost an arm and a leg but that’s definitely not the case, the Tickets are US$100.00 for couples and singles are priced at $55.00, worry not Le Coiffeur got you!

I know, I know, by now everyone reading may be trying to find ways to contain their excitement, even those who may be first timers and frankly I don’t blame you because its events like these that make even the Homebodies and the stern introverts make a special exception and step out to be a part of the Le Coiffeur experience. Le Coiffeur prides itself on customer satisfaction and is all about treating our supporters with the time of their Life all in the name of Fashion, Entertainment and Good business. Make excuses and busy schedules a thing of the past, save the date and be sure to get in formation because August 21st, all roads lead to the nautical Empress. Be there or be Square! Come let’s rock the yacht with Le coiffeur styles the water!

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