Le Coiffeur continues to prove that in the fashion industry there are no breathers for the service. After recently accomplishing a successful fashion show, Le coiffeur is scheduled to cross the borders and showcase their talent in CANADA at another greatly esteemed Fashion show. As usual the company promises not to disappoint as Toronto will be awakened by a range of designers and models presenting at ‘your passion & desire: Fashion & Bridal show’, and if you’re thinking like I’m thinking with a theme like that it’s another show u dare not miss.

This show coordinated and planed by your day your way event service is scheduled to take place on Friday, June 24th at 6pm. The runway will come alive at the Jamaican Canadian Association on 995 Arrow road and DJ Shining stars Ent pumps beats that will have all the models anxious to showcase their designated designer’s pieces. Catering will be on point and done by Leggy’s, while Da Santos Photography is aimed at capturing every moment, every strut and every pose. This however is no excuse to miss the show because as we demonstrated with Le Coiffeur’s style the runway, you have to be in it to feel it, no other experience than being front and center at a fashion show with a great line up; am I right or am I right? Exactly.

Le coiffeur is urging one and all in the Toronto area and beyond to come out to what will be another night to remember, and we can all agree that when le coiffeur promises customer satisfaction, they will deliver without a doubt. Other designers gracing the floor exhibiting their pieces ARE Dina’s Studio, Shandon by Stacy, Ki Morgan and Glow just to name a few. Not to add this fashion is a show with a cause as all the proceeds will be generously going towards youth initiative program in Grenada, Toronto and Jamaica. So even if you aren’t a fashion show fan but feel like contributing, advanced tickets priced at $35.00 that comes with a fabulous line up of exquisite showcasing accompanied would be a bonus. Save yourself the regret and get on it, especially if you missed Le Coiffeur’s fashion show, come experience the excitement that was the talk of the town after April 23rd.

Stay Tuned….

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what will this spring bring? Le coiffeur styles the runway…the next big thing.

When thinking of an upcoming fashion show, the automatic reflex of the mind generates ideas of Unique Style, Chic Clothing and Glamourous Models. However, when one with an appreciation for fashion begins to contemplate the actual liturgy of an efficiently assembled show, deeper thoughts and questions flood the mind; basic questions such as who, what, when and where?

The ‘who’ in this case has earned her stripes in the industry, her journey from the picturesque Molineux of St. Kitts to the Big Apple is a success story within itself. Wendy Isaacs, an elegant fashionista in her mid-thirties has always aspired to be a major part of the fashion world or as she described it had ‘A passion for fashion’. For someone who spent their Saturday’s at the age of eight being inspired by the Elsa Clinch Style Segment on CNN and designing dresses by her early teen years anyone would agree that Wendy’s future in the area of Fashion and style was inevitable, the first chapter to the story of the rest of her life. At age fifteen it should come as no surprise that Wendy was already winning grand competitions such as Miss Convent High school in her birth country, following another major win being crowned Miss Caribbean talented teen, one of the most premiered Caribbean pageants, approximately a year or two after. Undeniably, she was made for it and if you aren’t yet convinced then her first magazine spread in Panache magazine at only age 18 should definitely seal the deal. After accomplishing so much so young, Wendy being the ambitious and diligent person she was and remains, was fueled to reach for the stars the sky being her limit. She then managed to be booked by Classique Model Agency for around two years and also ventured on her own doing independent modeling and landing gigs in some of the most prominent International Shows in different Caribbean countries, where she continued to showcase her talent and make her name known. So when you think of the ‘who’, the mastermind behind a fashion show, Wendy’s journey so far should already have u sold.

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Wendy Isaac Interview Deceomber 20th

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All That Glitters Is Gold

An in-depth conversation with super model Wendy Issac


LE Coiffeur on caribdomain

Photo Courtesy LE Coiffeur NYC


Anyone with eyes can see that she’s beautiful. It’s the lilt of her voice, the music in her smile that catches one by surprise. It’s the magic that wafts through the air as she speaks. I asked Wendy Isaacs to describe herself to me and with tinkling laughter (I heard the blush), she said, “Ask me questions.” So I did. I asked questions and she graciously answered each one, but first let me tell you what I gleaned right from the start.

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Are You Ready?

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BRACE YOURSELVES! The Countdown to set sail aboard the nautical empress is quickly approaching and question that is lingering around is


you ready? Well the le coiffeur team certainly ready to stun the minds of those who are lucky enough to be in attendance. A brand that is known its superb line up, customer provision and beyond satisfactory delivery, le Coiffeur has nothing but great things store for August 21st. The ALL WHITE dinner and fashion show event promises to be like none other. At this point there is a constant battle anxiety between both the team and le coiffeur supporters whom all seem want nothing more than for that

special day to arrive so Le Coiffeur can continue its trend and SLAY!

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