St.Kitts NYC Based Fashionista Wendy Isaac

-Business (CEO and Founder of Le Coiffeur, Model Coach, Fashion Consultant, Stylist-Super Model
-Fragrance (newly launched fragrance called BOSS LADY)
-Designer (Swimwear called ‘Trouble’)

Publication PC Urban Magazine (BOLD and I AM Summer Look Book) by Lyric Raines, Editor-in-Chief!!!

Makeup by Me
Photographer @marlonclarkephoto
Edits Joey Bandoo
Designer Myrna Patterson, Kimouri’s Collection
Jewelry Mo’s Dynasty
Hair Afro-nique Amex


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guys wendy Lecoiffeur_0150

Saturday April 15th the Watson Hotel became the scene of what is being described as a Legendary BOSS Fashion event . As one Fashion commentator described the night was what legends are made of… it was fantastic as the Boss Lady Wendy Isaac set the NYC Fashion World  on FIRE…..

First as you walked in, the place was TRANSFORMED, you thought you walked into a beautiful countryside castle with chalk white arches and a silver white runway.  The tables were laced with beautiful white table clothes along with the chairs of the Boss Lady signature colors, Black and Gold.  The VIP attendees had their names on their seats and were escorted to their chairs by professional fashion assistants.  Standing tall and elegant was the most anticipated guest of the evening THE BOSS LADY FRAGRANCE.  Placed atop of a up lit podium, full blaze for all to see, it had arrived.

Vendors scurried to get their tables ready as guest after guest flowed into the room and filled it to capacity.  Celebrities filtered in rushing to the step and repeat to get a picture with the lady of the evening, Boss Lady Wendy Isaac.  Some of the Celebrities in attendance were Kenya Smith – Editor-at-Large for Fashion Avenue News, Allison V. Brown, Andrene Williams and the UBM Models, Just Raymona (Sling a Pump), SuperModel Avadora Mimouni, Designers Gioffre, Celebrity MUA Carley Worlet, Donna Michelle of Donna Michelle Fashion Magazine, Ese of Enspire Magazine, Corey Rogers, Supermodels Gio, Chanel,  Kareem, and Fred – graced the runway (these are the names I can remember, there were plenty of celebrities at the event).  Numerous photographers, bloggers and media filled the pit….. we were ready for action.


Most people are not used to a fashion show starting on time, but in the legendary words of Mr. Joe Clarke of RunwayNews…. “You going to learn today”.  The event started exactly at 6:30pm as scheduled.  The event was live streamed by RunwayNews.

Quinton Bailey was the host of the event, and did a nice job of grabbing the audience attention.

What a grand opening as the Boss Lady herself took to the stage, surrounded by the most handsome, well-built Supermodels in the fashion industry, she welcomed her guest, press, media, family and friends to what was going to be an evening you would never forget.  She even threw in a little humor as she had the Fashion Police arrest two fashion legends and bring them to the stage to recieve the Le Coiffeur awards.  Joe Clarke of RunwayNews and Sofia Davis of Fashion Avenue News, were honored and surprised to receive the awards.

FRAGRANCE Lecoiffeur_0008F

Fabulous after fabulous designers graced the runway, some from as far away as Haiti all the way to the Bronx, each one as beautiful at the last and each with their own creativity and inspiration.  The model were on point and professional along with the great hair and make up teams that worked the backstage.   With so much fabulousity we could have watched the show forever.

The highlight of the evening was the star studded Boss Lady Resort Wear collection, entitled TROUBLE.  Embellished with Gold Spikes, Swarovski Crystals and beautiful flowing fabrics, she also showed crystal/spike covered shoes, completing the outfit.  The look was accessorized with Haute Couture Bling Sunglasses by Sofia Davis.  The Boss Lady received a standing ovation for her creative works.

Closing out the evening, the Boss Lady took to the stage joined by her other half, her husband, Shaquon Joseph and gave a heartfelt thank you to all that attended and supported this sold out event.

The Boss Lady is just beginning… take a peek at some of the show highlight


All phot









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Beauty Of The Day



Magazine Launch for Live In Color Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine in Atlanta, Ms Wendy Isaac aka Boss Lady, is one of the featured inspired Entrepreneur’s at the event and in the magazine . Kudos to Amy McNish Editor In Chief on a wonderful publication

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WATCH Video: Interview with St.Kitts’ “Boss Lady” Wendy Isaac of Le Coiffeur Fashions

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St.Kitts’ Wendy Isaac Releases Her First Fragrance Entitled “BOSS LADY”

Fashion Avenue News is excited to have Wendy “Boss Lady” Isaac grace their April 2017 cover.  The St.Kitts beauty will release her first fragrance entitled, BOSS LADY.  She is also producing Le Coiffeur Styles the Runway this month. Tickets are selling out quickly, get yours today.   You can purchase the April issue at the Magazine Cafe, 15 West 37th Street or PayPal $30.00 to   Read more about the Boss Lady…..


This month, Saturday April 15, 2017, “The Boss Lady”, Wendy Isaac will release her new fresh fragrance, affectionately entitled “BOSS LADY”, during her Le Coiffeur Styles the runway show held at the Watson Hotel (formerly the Holiday Inn 440 West 57th Street).  The notes in the fragrance include an elegant mix of musk’s in the top, a sensual balsamic vanilla accord in the heart and sweet modern caramel in the base.  The Boss Lady, as Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis named her, has a long history in fashion, styling and training runway models, along with producing fabulous Fashion & Yacht events.

Here is a little bit more about The Boss Lady:

As a Fashion Stylist she interprets the styling requirements of clients to produce both an impressively creative and technically accurate visual representation. Five feet eight inches’ tall beauty, Wendy Isaac, luckily has been on both sides of the fence, being not only a model but also a certified fashion stylist consultant.  Hailing from the picturesque Molineux, St. Kitts, and her journey proved that simply having a dream and pursuing it are the first steps of establishing your very own success story. Wendy, an elegant fashionista has always aspired to be a major part of the fashion industry or as she described it had “A passion for fashion”. For someone who spent their Saturday’s at the age of eight being inspired by the Elsa Clinch Style Segment on CNN and designing dresses by her early teen years anyone would agree that Wendy’s future in Fashion and style was inevitable, the first chapter to the story of the rest of her life. At age fifteen it should come as no surprise that Wendy was already winning grand competitions such as Miss Convent High school in her birth country around the age of fifteen while attending St. Theresa Convent High. Subsequently, she won Miss Talented teen and continued making headlines as she was awarded another major win being crowned Miss Caribbean talented teen, one of the most premiered Caribbean pageants all within a three-year time frame. Undeniably, she was made for the industry and her first magazine spread in Panache; Posh and Miami Teen magazine at only age 18 was solid proof that she was a force to be reckoned with. After accomplishing so much so young, Wendy being the ambitious and diligent person she was and remains, was fueled to tackle all her goals against all odds. She then managed to be booked by Classique Model Agency for two years and ventured on her own doing independent modeling and landing gigs in some of the most prominent International Shows in different Caribbean countries as well as New York City and Miami, where she continued to showcase her talent and make her name known. A Stylist’s client may agree that the background of their stylist is important to keep customer confidence; hence the reason a spot-on slideshow of Wendy’s journey is clear enough clarification for her extensive clientele.

_DSC8572E copy

Wendy, continued to impress the fashion elite and caught the attention of Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis of Fashion Avenue News.  While attending one of Wendy’s fashion events, Sofia realized this lady is TALENTED and offered Wendy the position of Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News Caribbean.  In this position Wendy has expanded her brand as well as helped get additional models noticed by placing them on editorials and covers.

We are presently taking interview appointments for the April 15, launch of her fragrance and fashion event.  If you would like to make an appointment, kindly email us at

Media and Press can also register at – we look forward to having you cover the event.

NOTE: Photo Credits:

Green Dress
Model – Boss Lady – NYC, Clothing – Zara USA, MUA – Schania Pickens – NYC, Sunglasses – Haute Bling Couture – Sofia Davis, Photographer – Mark Murphy III – CT, Edits – Joey B Studio, Hair – Angela Greene /Afro-nique NYC

Black and White Dress  Model – Boss Lady – NYC  Designer – Calvin Southwell – Antigua  MUA – Schanica Pickens – NYC  Jewelry – Mo’s Dynasty – ATL
Photographer – Mark Murphy III – CT  Edits – Joey B Studio – ATL  Hair – Angela Greene/Afro-nique – NYC

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Beauty Of The Day


St.Kitts Boss Lady Wendy Isaac

Designer – Calvin Southwell Antigua
MUA – Schanica Pickens NYC
Photographer- Mark Murphy III CT
Edits – Joey Bandoo ATL
Jewelry – Mourine Bandoo ATL
Hair – Afro-nique Amex Angela Greene NYC

Angels always fly.. by Calvin Southwell

Check out April Issue of Fashion Avenue News with editorial story on Boss Lady Fragrance get your copy today featuring Boss Lady.. thank you Sofia Davis for an amazing Fearuring and team for an amazing job. Get your copy now at or magazine Cafe west 37 street in NYC
Le Coiffeur Style the Runway 2017 the Fashion Show with at difference . Red carpet at 5pm hosted by the Fashion Icon Editor In Chief of Fashion Avenue News and Model World Magazine Sofia Davis , showtime at 630pm hosted by Quinton Bailey Editor In Chief Fashion Dynasty Magazine. It’s 16 designers from International, Regional and Domestic market . VIP seating $40 with wine and h’orderves and gift bag value $150.00 Lounge seating $25 with beverage. The Saturday morning show with Kelly Phoenix will be interviewing. We got many surprises awaiting for you.

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The Return!

ALL ABOARD, ship ahoy!! Recovering and Recuperation time is over for anyone still dramatically traumatized by the last time Le Coiffeur terrorized the Dumbo spot, leaving anyone who may have underestimated the fashion show in complete awe. Le Coiffeur is back again like we never left and in full effect, ready to serve everyone with a round 2 of the fiasco that was deemed the start of something great in April.

April 23rd, Le coiffeur brought to you a fashion show, dubbed style the runway, this time around we dare to take you on a journey as Le Coiffeur ‘Styles the water’ with a red carpet, elegant Fashion show,

dinner and cruise. This event will be an all-white affair and will be held on an elegant yacht that goes by the name of the Nautical Empress, a name that surely reflects the chic, glamour and style that Le Coiffeur plans to present to everyone in attendance. Now for those of you reading

this who have been to the first fashion show I’m 100% sure that you are fuming with anxiety, anticipating the part two of such an epic event month ago. However, for those that were not as lucky to attend the last one this is your chance to get ‘on board’ and join the Le Coiffeur on what will be an evening of style, flavored by glamorous models and a lineup that will be nothing short of a chic experience. This event scheduled for Sunday August 21st 2016, is definitely one that shouldn’t be missed and can be used as redemption for those who may have missed out on

the first experience. The yacht will commence boarding at 7pm and will be operating on a sailing time of 8pm -11pm. The Nautical empress will be leaving out from pier 36 marina at 299 South Street Seaport in New York City 10002. The celebrity host for this event is none other than the stunning Andrene “Ladydoves” Williams. To be aboard such a fabulous yacht for dinner and a spectacular fashion show, you may be opening your wallets or looking at bank statements contemplating and assuming that it may cost an arm and a leg but that’s definitely not the case, the Tickets are US$100.00 for couples and singles are priced at $55.00, worry not Le Coiffeur got you!

I know, I know, by now everyone reading may be trying to find ways to contain their excitement, even those who may be first timers and frankly I don’t blame you because its events like these that make even the Homebodies and the stern introverts make a special exception and step out to be a part of the Le Coiffeur experience. Le Coiffeur prides itself on customer satisfaction and is all about treating our supporters with the time of their Life all in the name of Fashion, Entertainment and Good business. Make excuses and busy schedules a thing of the past, save the date and be sure to get in formation because August 21st, all roads lead to the nautical Empress. Be there or be Square! Come let’s rock the yacht with Le coiffeur styles the water!

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The Le Coiffeur brand is buzzing with excitement as it continues to be the talk of the town this time in the form of receiving a special recognition. CEO and Founder Wendy Isaacs was recently the proud recipient of an award commemorating her hard work, diligence and success with Le Coiffeur and the outstanding services that is associated with it. This award was presented by Sofia Davis, Editor in Chief of Fashion Avenue News Magazine at Elements of Style Fashion show which was produced by Larry Byrd. This was indeed a great achievement for Wendy and also great encouragement to continue the

journey to making Le Coiffeur an international house hold name, which is already in the making since only the mention of the brand ring bells in the ear of those who have encountered or experienced the services or entertainment that Le Coiffeur is known for.

This is also a very timely acknowledgement as Le Coiffeur is gearing up to stun all supporters and also curious outsiders with the upcoming all white Yacht Dinner and Fashion show dubbed: “Le Coiffeur Styles the water”. Tickets are being sold twice as fast as they did for the first fashion show as I’m certain those who experienced the first fashion show are eager for a second round and those who missed it are anxious to be a part of the extra ordinary experience. Reading this article and don’t have a ticket? What exactly are you waiting for? The award Le Coiffeur’s very own Wendy received is proof enough that the team

is known to produce nothing but excellence. After all, when Sofia Davis

herself presents you with an award, its living testimony that your work is anything BUT mediocre.

This achievement is just the beginning of the le Coiffeur movement for this summer, as the team plans to end the summer with a bang, leaving all its supporters speechless with satisfaction. You know what they say, first time is by chance but the second time around it becomes a habit so customer satisfactory and exceeded expectations will surely become a Le Coiffeur tradition. Don’t wait til it’s too late and don’t miss out, be a part of the Le Coiffeur Movement!

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Le Coiffeur Slayed

The entire New York City has officially been left in a state of shock, struggling to recover from the Fashion squall that took a direct hit on April 23rd, hurricane Le Coiffeur ‘slayed’ in every sense of the word. Le Coiffeur ‘Style the runway’ was indeed a definite success that left all who attended, yearning for more of the exquisite glamourous, stylish and chic performance. A venue well laced with the color black and gold, incredible lighting and an admirable set up came alive Saturday evening as the event unfolded. CEO of Le Coiffeur, Wendy Isaac, being the innovative diva she is known to be, embellished the runway with an introduction performance that was nothing short of amazing. With an introduction so grand, the only duty left to accomplish was maintaining the entertainment adrenaline rush and keep the audience on their toes which of-course is exactly what occurred. Nineteen designers introduced vigorously by the dynamic celebrity host, Caprice, who ensured that audience satisfaction and pleasure were at the top of his to do list. Each designer presenting their unique pieces, exhibiting the results of their hard work and dedication, had the audience in an uproar of applause and whistles as each model strutted a design that instigated an overflow of fulfillment. It was like a room filled with Fashion junkies waiting for their fix and the more they got the more they anticipated. Petula Skeete, owner of Glitz & Glam from Nevis, following her jaw dropping presentation noted genuinely how ‘elated and pleased’ she was with the crowd feedback and also explained that the fashion show was a step in the right direction for her brand as she is planning to Launch her budding project ‘#beautiful’. Even during the Eye of the storm, the fashion gusts were still heavily blowing as the host allowed different members of the audience to join the limelight to strut the runway and show off their elegant outfits. Apart from the runway excitement Kelly

Phoenix effortlessly kept the red carpet hosting animated, not to mention a catering presentation that was to die for, with a range of fruits, vegetables and finger food that attempted regularly to steal the attention and provoke the taste buds of anyone nearby. Let’s be real for a second, Great Food, frequent wine, a superb Line up with top designers… you don’t need much skill in math to figure out the answer to this equation (hint: a successful fashion show). It’s rare you go to a fashion show and see a rocking performance one after the other, however Le coiffeur surely proved it wasn’t impossible, Angela Greene of Krotchet Divas from St. Kitts, expressed how delighted she was with the response from the audience on her line adding that she was more than happy to be a part of the show. Andre Etienne who displayed his thrilling brand Aqua Melle, said that he was pleased with the location and commended the mixture of crowd in the audience, not omitting that overall he was content with the fashion show and the outcome.

Some People may say that enough is never enough when it comes to fashion and all the diverse collections that are presented in a fashion show. However, Le Coiffeur ensured that everyone who came with an appetite for the glamour, style and chic that they promised left entirely full, I’m talking full enough to carry them through the entire spring season. The only disappointment that may arise when discussing the fashion show is aimed towards those that were unable to attend, for they have without a doubt missed out on a treasured experience. Wendy acknowledged how grateful and ecstatic she was that the show turned out to be a success, and for her entire team who contributed to making the event the success it was. To express her gratitude Wendy presented the audience with gift bags that contained $100.00 worth of cosmetics, Le Coiffeur branded t-shirts and, 50% off gift certificates for their next service with the brand. In addition, all the designers were given special designer awards that commemorated their participation in making the event a complete success. Hats off to the Le Coiffeur team for bringing

it exactly as vowed, no holding back and no apologies. If u haven’t yet figured out what the up n coming House hold name in the fashion industry ‘Le Coiffeur’ stands for, the fashion show sought to break it down; Excellent Style, Irrefutable Glamour, Constantly Chic. A Fashion show is just a taste of what the organizer has to offer and the ‘Style the runway’ event was clear indication that when it comes to styling and Fashion, Le Coiffeur has been deemed Legend. Coco chanel said it best, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

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A hurricane warning is in effect for Brooklyn New York, effective at approximately 5pm, April 23rd at the Dumbo Spot. Hurricane Le Coiffeur, is approaching full force with conditions that indicate that it would be a Category Five hurricane when

it makes landfall. This Hurricane deemed the 2016 slayer is without question causing an uproar within the entire state of New York. Le Coiffeur is expected to produce Fashion and Style accumulations of maximum capacity; it is also expected to generate entertainment that will manifest indisputable chic and glamourous rip currents.

The Le Coiffeur Fashion show dub ‘Style the Runway’ is just a few hours away and all who are lucky enough to be in attendance are preparing for the event of the year. This come as no surprise as grand preparations are being finalized that will see the deliverance of a night to be remembered. International designers and models are being flown in to the big apple as they prepare themselves to be a part of the day that Le Coiffeur will make history. This show is destined to tear New York apart like any category five hurricane would and leave its mark right at 160 St., the Dumbo Spot venue.

A Line up that will ‘gag’ any audience, Designers that harvest nothing but excellence, a styling consultant CEO that prides her business on ultimate customer satisfactory and a team that is tasked with the duty of ensuring all the pieces of the puzzle are intact, is not only the recipe for an extraordinary event but is also the contents and conditions that Hurricane Le Coiffeur is expected to yield. You Don’t want to miss it!…

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